Inspired by a conversation I had with the lovely and thoughtful and awesomely musical Molly Z, who just liberated her hair for a good cause. You should totally ask her to come and play for you and give her some money and some tasty grub.

This comic is also dedicated to UK company, and I’ll tell you for why. When I emailed them about their customer information form, which requires you to tick either the “male” or “female” box with no other options, they were SO awesome. I explained about trans* people and the label “genderqueer.” Within 24 hours, a representative emailed me back saying she’s spoken to the tech team and they’d said they don’t even store or use the gender information, and they’d take out the gender question altogether. And then they did.

Bless their hearts. They have my customer loyalty, right there.

The strange thing is, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but it’s so rare for people to listen to us like that.

Edited to add: If you join, you can use this code to get a free box of nomz! XCZ88ZV (Full disclosure: I get £1 off a box if you sign up.)