This one has been mashing around in my head for a while, but I’ve not been able to post it. I’ve been battling with the DWP about disability benefits now for over a year and it’s been causing a lot of problems – like anxiety, despair, not being able to get to my therapy sessions, being able to visit Andréa very minimally, and comic block. Eight comics in 2016, holy moly. It’s interesting to notice/remember that my ability and tendency to make comics is directly related to my physical and mental health, and sometimes as now the cause is very very obvious.

Despite the lack of comics, I would like to thank my lovely Patreon supporters, two of whom are Alex and Lyrania. Patreon really does give a big incentive, not just money-wise but also knowing that people care enough and want more comics enough to put a dollar or two down. Thank you. <3 Plus it’s fun to provide the extra perks that patrons get in exchange for their hard-earned donations of various sizes!