This comic kinda assumes that monogamy (or non-monogamy) is an orientation, like being attracted to particular genders. I definitely feel like it is for me, and felt it even in my first intimate relationships. I couldn’t imagine being happy with one person and knowing that they were the only person I would be with. (I’m very carefully avoiding saying that monogamy is limiting!)

Is non-monogamy an orientation for you? Do you think monogamy is the human default?

In unrelated news, I am healing well and everything is good on that front. I’ve even got disability support in a real-life, in my house, most-days-of-the-week sense.

And I’ve tentatively set up a Patreon page. There’s a little button to the top right if you ever want to find it again. The gist is, it’s a bit like Kickstarter, except instead of donating in a one-off way, you donate a smaller amount of your choice per comic (up to a monthly maximum that you set). I’m hoping that it’ll give me a little boost when it comes to comicking again! There’s perks like seeing behind-the-scenes photos, knitwear, stuff through the post, etc. It’s all very new and experimental, so the perks might change, and I very much welcome feedback!