This comic just sort of happened, and I don’t understand why or anything. But it seems appropriate to mention that after 30 weeks from submitting the application form, and through two reconsiderations, and with much help from friends both online and AFK, I have the correct amount of disability living allowance (DLA). I am scared to say it because being on benefits comes with a lot of stigma.

How can we be expected to find happiness when the source of health and wellbeing and a decent quality of life are withheld? No doubt there are people who’ve lived in poverty their entire lives and are still happy, but it’s okay to need money to be happy. It’s okay to want more money than I have. But in our current social environment, I am subtly and overtly told that I am less deserving of money because I am disabled. I am told that other people have less money than me, as if that makes me magically able to do more with the same amount of money. I am expected to pull myself out of this pit with no hands.

I guess what I’m mean is, screw those bastards; I say it’s okay to want and need more money. Who’s with me?