Okay, so this post is coming to you from the past. It’s actually Saturday for me. For the first time in a while, I had this urge to make a comic.

Someone donated, and I found the email notification when I woke up, and felt extremely grateful. I felt a little bit like the donation meant I owed comics to readers, and especially the lovely donating person. Then I felt that it was wrong to feel like I owe people anything at all, ever. And then I somehow felt like making a comic.

I took the photo, which felt right at the time. I even logically worked out exactly what humorous thing would happen in the salt grinder; something usual for me and this comic, so you would all be happy. And then this happened instead. So this, my friends, is what you are getting. I hope you like it anyway.

Don’t let yourself get trapped. Please keep finding ways to be surprised.