Would you like to donate if it meant you got a little portrait of you (or someone else) in PiP style based on a photograph or description or something, d’you think?

I’ve just been and watched Amanda Palmer’s TED talk, which was very inspiring. I’d recommend it for any artists or anyone trying to sell things, really.

I love to do things in return for donation, just because it’s so interesting to say to someone “I spent 6.5 hours on this and £6 on materials; what if anything would you like to give me?” and then see what happens. I find that in this way my hobby pays for itself, more or less. For example, hosting of this site is (mostly) paid for by advertising and donations. For some reason I don’t often knit for myself, so donations for knitted stuff covers material costs and there’s usually yarn left over for gifts. The Poly in Postcards were paid for by crowdsource, and they remain for sale for those who want to donate and get something out of it, pretty much.

But the fact remains that I’m all disabled and in a pretty rough place, financially and practically speaking, and I hope that this is temporary and will improve. I love making comics but I sometimes lack inspiration. My comic-rate is starting to rise a little as my stress levels fall some days. This is hard to articulate, but: I deserve good things, and I would like to give to you. I guess I just don’t know how.

What would you pay for?