Two most excellent people have recently received handwarmers, and I wanted to show you how fabulous they make the handwarmers look, so here I am plastering some more photos on my blog! Bring it awn, I hear you cry.

Here we have Caytlin (@cvilbrandt), RAWKing out. I love the facial expression! Reminds me of Bill Bailey. A YouTube video, let me show you it.

A woman with bright orange hair, wearing glasses, poses with her fist with little and index fingers extended in the "metal" gesture, wearing rainbow knit handwarmers.

I would also like to add that Caytlin is part of one of my favourite comics, Walking on Broken Glass. Good if you like paranormal office dramady romances, yes indeed.

Also, Wardrox (twitter / tumblr) tells me that this is where the handwarmers from that auction will be until summer:

A hand resting on a computer mouse. The hand is wearing a handwarmer knit in the asexual flag colours of black, grey, white and purple.

I heartily approve! Thank you both. 🙂 Please show your appreciation for these wonderful beings by visiting their sites and stalking their social media.