This is super topical because I’m running a survey about pronouns, which you should check out if you’re nonbinary. 🙂

Part of why I’m running this survey is because there is this ugly undercurrent in LGBTQ+ communities: a tendency to blame the next group down on the food chain, scapegoating them and pushing them under the bus to make themselves look more legitimate. Gay folks exclude bi folks for not picking a side, and trans people trash nonbinary people for being confusing or whatever, I don’t know. In the nonbinary world, folks with more “mainstream” pronouns blaming folks with less common pronouns (like people whose pronouns are neopronouns, otherkin, anyone a little more “out there” than they are) for the rest of the world failing to accept and include us.

The truth is, if you come out to someone, but instead of listening to you and trying to empathise with your experiences they refuse to accept you for any reason – including “I heard that a friend of a friend uses pup/pupself pronouns on the internet between close friends and I think that’s ridiculous and I therefore think you’re ridiculous” – then the problem is that the person you came out to is an insensitive gitwizard.

Don’t resent your trans and nonbinary siblings for binary people’s lack of acceptance, my friends! Empathy with each other and with binary people is the way forward.

Much appreciation to everyone who pledges on Patreon, including the very kind LyraniaMartina and Lorelei!