The names are a reference to John Wyndham, who wrote some stunningly creepy books – my favourite is The Midwich Cuckoos. And the whole comic is a reference to unicorn hunters; I’ve run into my fair share and this article was a pretty helpful thing to read!

Gosh, this comic took a long time. I am exhausted. But it was fun to make, and I streamed it all too. 😀 BIG thanks for Freyr for hanging out with me and offering critique for the whole time, and to Alex and Lyrania and all my Patreon folks who support me from afar. <3 You are all amazing. I’m about to go distribute the rewards now!

Disclaimer: I definitely am not wishing to trash married couples just starting out, bicurious women, straight men, etc. But this is something I’ve run into a disturbing number of times. The top comment on that unicorn hunters article is a perfect example.