Is it just me? It might just be me, and I might just be completely misinterpreting the situation. Maybe when they say polyamory makes long-distance relationships easier, maybe they mean in some other way. Tell me if I’m wrong!

I fully admit that not everyone is like me, and in fact this might just be me. But in my relationships, if I have needs, they are needs that need to be met per person. So if I want sex with a person, I might not want sex with another person. If I want cuddles with a person, I might not want cuddles with another. So the idea of a basic intimacy quota is to me quite bizarre. But certainly in the first 10 or so years of being poly, I got this impression from a lot of nonmonogamous people that they have a sex quota or an intimacy quota that they can conveniently meet by being nonmonogamous. Your partner doesn’t like certain activities? No problem, be poly!

So if you have different ways of seeing or doing this, tell me in the comments. I definitely don’t think other ways than mine are bad and I’m not going to argue, though I might be bluntly mystified.

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And finally, if you don’t get the reference in the last panel, this handy 30-second clip from Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion should help: