I’m faceblind. Not as much as some people, but enough to make it stressful to walk around in my own town. “Do I know that guy who just smiled at me? Their body is the same shape as the guy who lives over the road from me, but that guy doesn’t smile much, so maybe it’s not them…?” My neighbour over the road from me doesn’t like me much, and a lot of it is to do with autistic communication things, but some of it is because I don’t recognise them when I see them in places other than outside of their house.

The idea of captions for faceblind people and people who struggle to keep track of characters came up when Andréa was watching The 4400 on my recommendation, so I took the relevant image that actually inspired her confusion – Jordan Collier came back from the dead at the end of season 2, and because he looked so different in the hair-on-the-head department she was like “am I meant to know who this is?”

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