– LOOK, I do NOT want to be asked about my genitals! Just call me “she” and be done with it!

– Wow, why are you making this all about you?

This is all prompted by my current attempt to get a little power back, by not assuming anyone’s gender or pronouns, and learning to call everyone “they” until they ask me to use a different pronoun. After all, you can’t guess someone’s gender correctly every time, right? It’s taking me a while to learn. It’s a lot like learning to use singular “they” for nonbinary people, but harder. You’d think it would be easier to just use one pronoun for everyone, but no, apparently not! When I get it right it’s really satisfying and I feel good, so I’m going to keep trying.

So this comic comes from a place where everyone seems to think the trans folks are making a big deal out of their genders and pronouns – but when you flip things around, it puts things into perspective a little bit and shows the power dynamics up. We’re used to our genders, and we know we’re more than just our genders, but wow do cis folks like to focus on our genders and then blame us for being weird.

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