On this coming Tuesday 18th November, I’m getting top surgery in London. This comic is a reference to 52: Er, Thanks?

The preparation is actually going really well, which surprises me. My neighbour is going to feed my cat while we’re in London. Adam (my friend and general life-saving superhero) is coming with me to London, as is my mum. My mum has sorted out accommodation in London for the days following the surgery. When I get home I’m staying at Adam’s, so that they can take care of me, and so Rosa (the cat) can’t climb on my chest in the morning and when she gets hungry. My appointments for the weeks following the surgery are all cancelled or rearranged.

There’s various things I’m going to need in hospital and in the days and weeks after, like button-down shirts (because I won’t be able to lift my arms to put t-shirts on), straws (because I’m going to struggle to lift cups of water), and silicone gel to reduce scarring (though scars are pretty badass). So I made an Amazon wishlist; every couple of days various essential, helpful, and lovely things appear on my doorstep.

I have very little support network AFK, but I still feel very well looked-after. 🙂

Edit: If you want to spy on my top surgery haps, track the Cassian’s top surgery tag on Tumblr or follow my blog.