Thanks to Adam for helping me draw the urinal in order for me to heavily modify it beyond much recognition.

Benefits to having this instead of the silly gendered people symbols:

  • Less confusing to nonbinary people
  • Less confusing for men needing to use baby-changing facilities (which are often in women’s toilets)
  • Less likely to get abused if you’re trans*
  • Less fuss for people who want to switch from the gendered toilets system (ie: no plumbing to do right away; you can just switch signs)

If people needed a while to get used to the new symbols, both sets could be on the doors at the same time for… a year? A few years?

There. I have FIXED THE WORLD.

The Bobbu’s better high-res symbols

The Bobbu has made some excellent high-res versions for printing out BIG and still looking well professional and brilliant. Click here for his DeviantArt page, where you can download the symbols in many handy formats. (They are beautiful. I never thought I’d say that about a picture of a urinal.) He says in the comments below: “I’ve released them on an attribution non-commercial share-a-like license, as I do with all my work – but people have my express permission to use them in the real world without crediting me.”

The original symbol images I made

Click here to download my symbols and The Bobbu’s symbols. Our symbols are in separate folders, each with the specific licence information enclosed. Please note that The Bobbu’s symbols have a Creative Commons license (requiring attribution online), and mine are public domain.

For the folder containing my symbols: To the extent possible under law, Lotte Lodge has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Gender Inclusive Toilet Door symbols. Basically, you can modify them and use them for anything and you don’t have to attribute me (though it would be nice if you did).


Almost forgot!

For anyone who’d like to document and find gender-inclusive toilets, there’s