Dudes, I am not handling living in a housing co-op very well. One of the quirks of my particular “disability” seems to be a need to live alone. For this reason, I’ve been needing to spend a lot of money to travel to and stay in the only truly restful place I can find, which is my friend’s house in Aberdyfi.

Switching between Swansea and Aberdyfi once a week, plus chronic illness, plus undiagnosed suspected autism spectrum disorder, plus grief from the deaths of my lovely friend and my grandmother and my estranged father, means I struggle a little with comics. But today I would like to thank Jordan, who bought stuff from me and thus made possible one of the trips to Aberdyfi.

I am really struggling right now, financially and, er, health-ly. I am working hard at bringing about the circumstances I need to get better, instead of this steadily-worsening that I’m doing now. And I want to keep comicking, because I always feel better when I do.

Thank you for sticking with me this far.

PS: Follow Jordan on Twitter; his posts are thought-provoking.