This title is so stupid. It’s Adam’s fault. Again.

Also, Olympics! OMG, are you going to London this year, 2012, for the Olympic Games that I have heard of?

I’m not. The sponsor for the event, this epic worldwide athletic event where the strongest and most feisty sportspeople of our generation gather to kick arse, is MCDONALDS.

LOCOG won't be very happy when they see this billboard n... on Twitpic

Adam says:

So, I’ve had this spatula for years. I got it in a shop that sells cheap stuff. It’s all nice and covered in food stains and burnt patches now, but it’s also got a split in it cos it’s made of rubbish wood because I got it in a shop that sells cheap stuff. So, last wednesday I was gonna get a new one in the market from the guy who sells stuff he makes out of wood, but I woke up after the train left, the train that I normally get, so I had to get the next one, which wasn’t early enough, and I think that’s why he wasn’t there.
But I still had “nice wooden spatula” on my list of things to buy which is on my phone. And today I went into a shop which sells lots of things that people use for cooking. It had rolling pins. In a pot was some spatulas made from much the same wood as my old one, and in another place in the shop there were some ones made of mashed up wood that was put back together again and for some reason that makes them strong. The woman who owned the shop, well, she might not have owned it but I seen her there before and not seen anyone else so I guess so, she said they last a very long time. I like things that don’t die. But it was a bit small, and didn’t have such a nice edge as the flimsy looking truly wooden one. oh and there was this other one made of olive wood but it was too curvy. who wants a curvy spatula? i’m a vegan so all my burgers fall apart if i disturb them from their fragile position in the pan, let alone put them in a position where they might become bent. But anyway, I was at the counter looking at these two spatulas and I couldn’t choose between them and the woman said it was hard to make decisions, but that isn’t true for me, I can just consult guidance, but not easy to do that while someone else is around messing up the signal, so I went outside for a few seconds, then came back in and said “both of them”.
When I was sitting with Cassian who used to be called lotte and writes this web comic and we were sitting on a bench in the sun watching the sea with a Panasonic – well it’s a hoover but since hoover is a brand name and it was made by panasonic i have to call it a panasonic – please don’t ask about why we were accompanied by a panasonic hoover in our sea watching activities, because if you do then we’ll be here all night. So then I wipped out my utensils to show them off to Cassian very excitedly.
If at the market, at Dance Camp Wales which I am going to and Cassian is going to, Tony is there selling things that Tony made out of wood then one of the things that he made out of wood might be the best spatula and then I would get that one as well. Cassian put forward the absurd suggestion that should I do this, I would have too many spatulas.

While making this comic, the author’s cursor hesitated for a moment in the title field awaiting inspiration – a perfect opportunity for me to attack their brain with these exact words. The tildes add insult to injury.

Cassian says:

It’s true, he did whip out his utensils. Also, I am still called Lotte.