This is totally how most of my comics enter my awareness.

So, I have a confession. Two, actually. One is scarier than the other.

1. I worked out why making comics got difficult. I think it’s because they stopped being about me and the happenings in my life. (Hence the fourth wall demolition we see here.) Which leads me nicely to…

2. I’m not polyamorous. Er. It’s not as bad as it sounds. I have been thoroughly homed under the umbrella for quite some time because I don’t do monogamy, but I guess I just hadn’t “come out” as aromantic here? I don’t actually do romantic relationships at all. (Remember the detachable cake platform? That’s me, right there.) I feel silly explaining this. This is how it goes:

Someone who reads the comic: Ohai! So you’re polyamorous? (or something)
Me: *cannot lie* Erm. Nooo… *worried face*
Someone: But you make a poly webcomic! You traitor/fiend/faker!
Me: Well, I’m not monogamous. And I love many people in a variety of ways, but I’m just not romantically-inclined. Also I’m an established member of a long-term polyamorous family.
Someone: So, in what way are you not polyamorous?
Me: I… don’t do relationships.

In particular, in my relationships there are no boundaries, definitions, expectations or “bargains” that make them different from friendships. But, as you can see from the above typical conversation, the effect is very very similar to polyamory. Possibly the main difference is I only need to talk to my friends about the sex* I’m having for health reasons rather than established emotional gubbins, and it is worth noting that introducing people to my mum is less scary.

So there we are. Now I’ve got that off my chest. Phew.

*Very little. I’m also asexual, heheheh. I tell you, the strict Christians down the road do not know what to do with me. “You love all the people, but you don’t have sex with them? Here, have some God anyway, whatever, it can’t hurt.”