This is a two-parter. This joke is entirely credited to Sven, who told it to me. Normally I wouldn’t just post a joke I heard somewhere, but it will make the next comic make more sense. So there we are.

Text message conversation:

Sven: How many aspies does it take to change a lightbulb?

Lotte (who is sitting near to Adam): Adam says one, I say two.

Sven: One. Why did you say two, though?

Lotte: I decided one was the answer but I thought statistically we were more likely to get the answer right if I picked a different number, so I sacrificed my rightness.

Kai: Alice says that is the most aspie response to that joke ever.

ETA: It was Thea! You guys, it was totally Thea. Now you know. It is her joke. Mattie said so.