So, I would like to thank some people. Firstly, everyone ever in the whole world, in particular Joe, who basically came up with this idea. Secondly, the fabulous models for my comic. I’m not sure if they’re okay with being credited, or if they have sites they want me to link to, so I’ll hold off for now. And third, thank you to the invisible yet glorious Connor and his kitties Shankara and Dust-Bunny, who were kind enough to endure an impromptu photoshoot for me but whose photos haven’t ended up in the comic. I would highly recommend friending these kitties on Facebook, as their updates are super-cute. Yes.

Also, please donate and/or spread the word about this fundraising I’m doing so I can make some postcards for you guys, and get a better camera to take photos for the comic. It’s turned into a bit of a competition; you can win some handwarmers and a custom comic book!