It just occurred to me that I posted here about the last one in 2013, so I should probably mention the current one here too. 🙂

We are well on the way to 1,500 responses, and it’s been 24 hours. Lookin’ good! And there’s some really useful and interesting stuff in here too.


It’s been over a year and a half since I last surveyed nonbinary people to get a general idea of preferences when it comes to language to describe us. In that time nonbinary genders have become more well-known in the media in the UK and the US. It can’t hurt to get a fresher picture, can it?

This time I’ll attempt to improve on the last survey by including some options that were missed out last time. As before, you will not be asked for your name, email address, specific location, legal gender, or gender assigned at birth.

Thank you,


PS: Last time we got over 2,000 responses. That made the results really useful and valuable, and it’d be great if we could repeat that. If you would like to help these statistics be as complete as possible with minimal effort, please reblog this post and retweet this tweet.

PPS: I’d like to take this opportunity to note that this is just a Google Forms survey with no extra security. While no identifying information such as names and email addresses will be collected, I cannot be responsible for your privacy. If you have any concerns at all, please be cautious and do what you feel is necessary to be safe.