I really like that Poly in Pictures has Project Wonderful ads on, because I love the idea of promoting indie artists and writers.

Something I do occasionally is take a look at the adspace bids to see if there’s anything popping up on PiP that I don’t want to see. I do not mind NSFW content, but the overwhelming majority of stuff I ban is ads with naked (or nearly-naked) women on them, often with impossible proportions and posture, more often women of colour, in order to sell ads. When I click through to check out the source, I usually find a webcomic that has little to no nudity, which makes it clear that the writers and artists of these webcomics are using female bodies to draw attention and get clicks.

It also bothers me in part because these people seem to think that naked (or nearly-naked) men won’t get them as much attention, and the images they’re showing are not actually an accurate representation of the thing advertised.

How to get your ad banned on Poly in Pictures:

  • Fit a misogynist pattern of advertising (naked ladies, but no naked men)
  • Make your ad totally unrepresentative of what you’re advertising

I mean, SERIOUSLY, do you think that people don’t like to look at sexualised male bodies? Have you ever SPOKEN to someone sexually attracted to men? Do you think that women attracted to women will look at the hideous objectification of the female body and go “wow such sexy”?