I am slowly, so so slowly, settling into my new place. I’m also doing things like seeing a counsellor and keeping a food log to make sure I eat enough protein. It’s all very positive. In association with these positive feels I bring to you, NOIYS and EDM 907!


It’s by the excellent Sausage who rescued this very site from the depths of doom, so you know it’s gonna be good. It’s like an anonymous, transient social network. It is, if you will, an anti-social network.

The gist is, posts disappear after 24 hours, there’s no identifying information at all, you don’t even sign up for an account, it’s pretty weird. But awesome. I’m on there a lot; people identify me by my posting style, so apparently I’m a sore thumb. But on the other hand, I never realised I had a writing style before, so it’s a learning experience.

People post about happy things and sad things, they ask for advice, they make friends, and sometimes they pretend to be Napoleon. It’s cool ’cause your mum doesn’t know it’s you posting about your BDSM weekend. Go there and leave a note, and feel unburdened and excellent: NOIYS.

Early Day Motion 907

LEGAL RECOGNITION FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH A PARTICULAR GENDER (UK). Yes, you read that right. Nonbinary folks, intersex folks if they want it, anyone who doesn’t want M or F on their passport, they could have legal recognition. Is this not excellent? This is just the House tentatively broaching the subject, but it could be very significant. I’ll tell you for why:

  • If I get married I have to pretend to be a man or a woman.
  • I’m likely to be a subject of suspicion if I attempt to use my passport because my gender presentation is ambiguous.
  • Public toilets. Need I say more?

Here is a Tumblr post to reblog, here is a tweet to retweet, but you can of course write your own. Then there’s some Reddit posts to upvote here, here and here (all good subreddits too). And here is the EDM page itself.

Thank you for reading, kind folks. I am somewhat lacking in the comicky ways but I am dealing with all kinds of messy physical and emotional things and I’m trying to get a support worker to ensure that I don’t die, so I feel like I have good reasons. Nevertheless, a comic or two may sneak through. Thanks for sticking around. 🙂