For the curious/nosy, and were I not the creator I would be among you, here’s a screen grab of the search terms used to find Poly in Pictures since midnight (ie: the last 6.5 hours).

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 06.21.32


It is an entertaining list just because of one or two that I’ll mention in a mo. I’d type them out for accessibility but most of them are quite dull.

Cartoon fools – Wow, don’t hold back or anything there.

Mofos chris – I don’t know Chris, but I’m sure they’re lovely.

Poly sex photo – See 37. Striptease.

Rough sex – For some reason, when I hear this phrase I can’t help but picture a pair of people having sex while falling down a gravelly mountainside. That sounds pretty rough, you’ve got to admit.

Aspie porn stars – I am genuinely quite pleased that someone is putting this into a search engine. (I imagine they found 151. Aspie Porn.)