This has taken me a really long time, but I wanted to tell you all about this awesome website.

I’m told by a not small number of people that if you’re into consensual BDSM relationships and polyamory, or have a queer identity in some way, it’s really difficult to find open-minded and accepting therapists who won’t see it as wholly or part of an illness. I know I’ve felt uncomfortable talking about my relationships and sexuality for fear of being judged, so I try generally to make it the first thing I say in order to judge the therapist’s reaction. When I want to talk about my personal issues, the last thing I want is to be trying to judge my therapist, amirite?

If you are in the UK and are an open-minded and non-judgemental therapisty type, or if you are looking for such a one, please go and have a look at Pink Therapy. You can sign up and be added to the UK database so people can find you by location and various other fields. Also if you are in need of accepting and supportive help with stuff, not necessarily LGBT/GSM issues but just someone who won’t think you’re mentally ill just because your partner has a partner who’s into spanking you on the weekends, then you can go and search the database and see who’s in your area and what they’re like and how they can help you.

If you do such a thing, please make sure to tell the therapist(s) you contact that you found them through Pink Therapy, because then it will do well and be recommended to other therapists, and then the database will grow and be more helpful. Winnar.