I’m quite anti-plan right now. It’s actually really good for me. So. Er. The whole predictable updating thing is going totally out the window, folks. I will still update somewhat regularly, but there will be no self-imposed deadlines for possibly ever. This means that you may get surprise comics when I feel like it, which I guess is a plus.

I’m not just saying that to make this look a little brighter. There have been times when I’ve had an awesome comic idea, felt inspired to make it, and then thought, “eh, a comic came out this morning, I don’t have to make this one for days yet.” And then I put it off, forget it, lose the bit of paper upon which I wrote the idea, and the comic is lost forever. This way, those lost comics might actually see the light of day.

Oh! And I also forgot to mention, in under two weeks I’m moving from a flat on my own to a house with 7 other people and the internet situation has not been finalised and basically it’s going to be chaos, both in my brain/heart and in my practical stuff. I will try to stay creative with you as much as possible.