122 pages of the first 100 Poly in Pictures comics. Trade paperback size, full colour.


  • The ebook. It’s $2.99 (about £1.86), of which I get 80%.
  • Alternatively, PayPal £1.50 to lotte dot lodge at gmail dot com and I’ll email you the ebook’s epub file. This option is slower, but cheaper for you and I get more money.
  • The paperback. To the UK and the US at cheapest and slowest delivery it’s $32.94 (about £22), of which I get $4 (about £2.50).

You can preview the first 15 pages and everything.

The paperback really is excellent quality. Lovely paper, well-bound, sharp photos, overall I am very pleased. Just thought I’d let you know. 🙂 Here is a not-very-good photo of how it looks. Each page also has the hovertext of its comic on it, too.