I would like to do one tomorrow, I think. I still feel very off-kilter with this comic.

Also, I should tell you about my life, in particular the accommodation bit. At the end of this month I am moving from my big flat containing only me, into a room in a shared house. This is going to be VERY STRANGE and probably quite traumatic. Maybe quite expensive, to begin with. And mostly, unpredictable.

Between now and then, I am desperately shedding possessions as fast and as ethically as I can. This could potentially be quite traumatic, but so far is not too bad. I hope it stays that way. For this reason, share your decluttering tips in the comments! (Thank you.)

On a related note, if you’re in Swansea and you want a heavy-duty guillotine that can cut 400 pages at the same time, let me know. #whatwasIthinking