Two more books arrived just now from my wishlist. I may slightly have cried a little bit. I feel… very well taken care of. Loved, even.

It’s so pretty! The pages feel really nice. 🙂

I have wanted the Veganomicon ever since I went to London with Kate and saw it on a friend’s table. I wasn’t into vegan food yet, but I was edging that way, pushed slightly by lactose intolerance. Now I prefer to go vegan for the vast majority of my food. This book is going to do amazing things to my belly, I know it already.

I just found out there’s an app for iPad too, ooooo.

And The Good Shopping Guide is just wonderful. You know how those mad hippies (myself included) tell us to vote with our wallets? No one ever tells us how the hell we’re meant to know what’s ethical in order to do so. This book does that. It properly investigates loads of companies, rates them on their ethics in various areas (animal testing, child labour, greenwashing), and then sorts it all handily by category (chocolate, sanitary protection, tea bags, vacuum cleaners…).

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And now I will sit here for a minute and just stroke these beauteous books.

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You know, just in case anyone likes that idea. Feel free to ignore that.