Oh my goodness yes. There are some postcards. I think probably I am more excited than anyone else put together. (Edit: Here they are, for sale.)

Today I will be packaging up the sets of five and sending them to folk who donated, and can I just say at this point that I love you all.

Mmmmmmmm they are so lovely! Printed by Footprint, lovely ethical workers’ co-op oop North, and the postcards are excellent quality and printed on lovely recycled card and the colours look great.

I was so excited that when I heard my good friend and neighbour come downstairs to get its* post, I poked my head round the door and waved postcards, even though it wasn’t even dressed yet. In Britain, this is the gravest offence, punishable by death.

In other news, I’ve started this blog about genderqueer recognition activism stuff.

* My neighbour’s pronoun of choice is “it.”

ETA: Here’s the packs of postcards for the kind contributors, all ready to be posted. 🙂