A custom comic booklet I made, photographed from above, as it is standing up like a birthday card on display. The front cover and parts of some of the comics within are visible.

Okay, so! Cleek this button to get a custom booklet of this comic with 11 comics of your choice plus one comic that I’ve made that will never be on the site.

  • Trawl the archive for your favourites and type in the numbers in the order you want them to appear in the book
  • For the most requested comics for the booklet, type “popular – booklet”
  • For the most viewed comics on the site, type “popular – site”
  • In the same box, let me know whether or not you want it signed, and to whom.

It’s A5, quality paper, blank white card cover, homemade with hand-stitched binding.

ETA: No longer for sale, due to the declining quality of my printer. Sad times, indeed.