The Poly in Postcards campaign is now officially over, and I am really pleased with how it went. I raised enough to get my minimum amount of postcards printed, with which I am totally happy. We got to $199 out of the probably-too-ambitious target of $500, but it is definitely enough to get packs of postcards to everyone who helped out, and have a few left over to sell to anyone who wants some in the future.

Thank you to everyone who’s helped out!

The funding comes through from IndieGoGo on Friday, and I will place the order with my lovely co-op printer folk in Leeds on Saturday. I’m not sure how long they’ll take, but when they arrive I will take millions of photos and post them all here on the blog in full size that takes ages to load, because I will love them THAT MUCH. And then I will make postcards of those photos and run a fundraising campaign to get them printed.