I really hate bloggers and webcomic artists that just go on about stuff that’s totally unrelated to the actual subject of their website, you know? People have cooking blogs and then take time out to whinge about Twilight or politics or just the stupid stuff that they’re doing in their own lives. I’m doing this ridiculous and impossible scavenger hunt, with challenges like “take a photo of someone wearing a wedding dress while floating in the Dead Sea” (29 points), or “you know how cats and dogs shed? Cover someone completely in pet hair. The only thing visible is the person’s eyes. Nothing but hair and eyes. You may not shave or harm any animals acquiring this item” (44 points), and there’s no way I’m going to be able to do those because I’m broke and allergic. I’ve even bought bacon to make a bacon dress (43 points) even though I’m vegan, but you don’t hear me complaining about that on my polyamory/LGBT-related webcomic, do you?

Those off-topic bastards.

PS: GISHWHES, item #219: Create a website that exposes your own hypocrisy. (26 points)