So, I’ve taken the “like” button off the sidebar thingy. It was previously on the lower right of the site. It’s all somewhat inspired by this article on the Guardian website, which I read weeks ago and forgot to process. Here’s the helpful bit:

What most people don’t know is that the Like button tracks your browsing history. Every time you visit a web page that displays the Like button, Facebook logs that data in your account. It doesn’t put anything on your wall, but it knows where you’ve been. This happens even if you log out of Facebook. Like buttons are pretty much ubiquitous on mainstream websites, so every time you visit one you’re doing some frictionless sharing. Did you opt in to this? Only by registering your Facebook account in the first place. Can you turn it off? Only by deleting your account. (And you know how easy that is.)

If you still want to “like” this page on FB, there’s a link to the left that you can use to get to the Facebook page, and then you can click “like.”