A person wearing a pair of rainbow knitted handwarmers, and looking quite chuffed about it, too.

This photo makes me happy!

Observe the wild Rei, enjoying a pair of fabulous handwarmers. This photo, it totally made my day.

Not only that, I added a pair to the incentives (read: presents) for donating over on the fundraising page. You already get entered into a draw to win them when you donate any amount of money, but just in case you wanted to definitely get a pair for $35 (about ¬£20), head on over and donate; these handwarmers are usually sold within 48 hours, so get them while they’re still available.

And of course there are many other prese- I mean, incentives available, too.

EDIT: Sold. 21 minutes. Naice! In other news, I added two advertising slots, also.