I have queued comics in advance, I have posted everything that was for sale, and I have an appointment with some pizza (and also a good friend). I leave for a field full of hippies on Tuesday morning, and I’ll be home about 11 days later.

Youguise, I am now officially on holiday!

While I’m gone, I will have minimal internet access, if any. This means I won’t be posting comics to the Facebook page or my Tumblr, though they will auto-post to Twitter. If anyone particularly feels inspired to post the comics to the Facebook page, I think posting links is open to all. (I’m trusting like that.) It means that people whose comments have been approved in the past will be automatically approved, but if you’re a new commenter, your comments will be held in a queue for moderation when I get home. (Sorry!) Please comment anyway, because I love reading them. 🙂

If you buy things from the “Things for sale” page, please be aware that I won’t be able to sort out your purchase until a couple of days after I get home, which will be around 8th August.

Have a good couple of weeks, everyone!