So, I went and ordered my new passport today. I wrote a bit about it here on my Tumblr blog, which is about my personal transition stuff. Here is a bit of blurb from the main article:

I spoke to the loveliest form-checker. She was really friendly and genuine and happy, and when I asked her about the unusual title, she said it was fine and she could write it on her paperwork, and if the processing people had any queries they could call me. AND THEN she asked to keep the gender info sheet, so that she could have a nosy through it between customers, and keep it on file for future reference. She was properly interested and awesome about it all.

What a legend. LEG. END.

However, I’m finding that I’m able to keep up with the comic booklet orders quite well this time, and it’s quite exciting sending books to places like France and Australia, so I’m going to leave the booklet-buying post open for now. When I was a kid I used to love making little books for people, and I used to make up the rubbishest stories just so I’d have an excuse to make a book. I am enjoying it way more now that I can do it with a proper printer and my comics. 🙂

Which brings me nicely into the OVERWHELMED GRATITUDE. You guys. YOU. GUYS. Are amazing. In just a couple of days, your very kind donations and purchases piled up to very nearly almost the (what seems to me) epic amount needed for passport renewal, and it felt so good to fill in that form.

You guys. *sniffle*