Okay, so I think there are a couple of improvements going on right now.

First of all, I may (or may not) have fixed the thing where all posts are tweeted, even the ones that’re just all like “wahhhh my computer fails at life and also there’s no comic here.” From now on, only posts in the “comic” category will get tweeted. I think.

Second, I’ve finally taken my neighbour up on her offer to use her computer while she’s away, and I am using this beautiful glorious shiny computer. Provided she gets back after my laptop is fixed, I think uninterrupted service will continue.

I’ve made “The Five Stages of Jealousy” even though it’s a day late, so there’s another queued for Monday. (It’s called “Tasteful.”) So, take that, sucky laptop. I will prevail! Also, now I love Serena’s computer more than you.