While I was printing the last book, some pages went a bit squiffy. I couldn’t put them in the book, but it seemed like such a waste to just throw them out. So I’ve got five signed and laminated print-like things to sell, and the choice of comics probably seems kind of random but there we are.

If you’re interested, claim a comic in the comments, and make sure you put your email address in the appropriate field so I can get in touch.

£2 for the UK, £3 for everywhere else.

#20. Coming Out 3 – Being held for someone.

#21. Coming Out 4Gone.

#50. Wibbly Wobbly (final panel only)

#51. Cereal Monogamy

#53a. The Deediest Poll
(not online)
Clue: It’s got a passport in the picture.